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​Our law firm helps creditors ​​with bankruptcy cases filed in ​​​​San Bernardino.

​If someone that owes you money in ​​​San Bernardino has filed a bankruptcy, you are considered a "Creditor". As a Creditor, ​you should hire an attorney who can help you weigh your options and maximize recovery of the money owed to you, despite the bankruptcy that was filed. 

​San Bernardino ​​​​​Bankruptcy Attorneys for Creditors

​​The attorneys at Katz Law are dedicated to helping creditors with bankruptcy cases that were filed in ​San Bernardino. ​Our typical clients​ in ​​​​San Bernardino are landlords, plaintiffs in lawsuits, mortgage lenders, mortgage servicers, foreclosure trustees, business owners, and ​others who are owed money by someone who decides to file a bankruptcy​ in ​San Bernardino

​Our ​San Bernardino Creditor Bankruptcy Attorneys have represented creditors in ​hundreds of Chapters 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcies. ​We appeared in hundreds of Court hearings,​ and are familiar​ with the judges in the ​​San Bernardino ​as well as many attorneys who represent bankrupt​ debtors. This familiarity can help you achieve the be​tter results ​for creditors in ​​​San Bernardino.

​ Law Firm You Can Trust for​ San Bernardino Bankruptcy Cases


​We provide results to creditors who face ​elimination or significant reduction of their claims in bankruptcy. We have successfully represented creditors​ in bankru​ptcy for years.

We are Experienced

​We have appeared in hundreds of bankruptcy cases on behalf of creditors.

​Attention to Cases and Clients

​We only take on a selected amount of cases so that we can ensure that each case gets the attention it deserves.

​Competitive Pricing

​Our rates are some of the most competitive rates among experienced attorneys representing creditors in bankruptcy.

Types of Services We Provide Creditors in ​​San Bernardino Bankruptcy Cases

  • ​Filing Motions for Relief from Automatic Stay (all chapters)
  • ​Filing Objections to Chapter 11 and 13 Plans
  • ​Filings Motion to Dismiss for Fraud
  • ​Initiation of Adversary Proceedings
  • ​Representation at 341(a) Meetings of Creditors
  • ​Filing required notices with the Court
  • ​Filing Proofs of Claim
  • ​Objections to Discharge
  • ​Representation in Appeals

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What Our ​Previous Clients Have to Say

It was really great working with ​Katz Law and having ​them on my side when I needed professional legal help and advice. ​They are kind, patient, and incredibly knowledgeable in his field. ​They give you ​their honest opinion about your case and he clearly lays out your options so you can choose for yourself how you want to go about your case. It's so important having someone that truly has your best interest in mind and I definitely felt that with ​Katz Law.​

​- Dori S. 

​I had an amazing experience with ​Katz Law representing me. A true professional. Strong work ethic's. Returned my emails within 10 minutes. Perfectionist, professional, Truly cares about ​their clients. I am 100% satisfied.

- ​David R. 

​Who Are We?

​Lior Katz, Esq. is our founder and managing attorney of Katz Law. He oversees all cases and specializes in representing creditors in bankruptcy. ​Lior has years of experience in representing secured creditors in all aspects of bankruptcy​ and is always willing to get on the phone with clients and discuss creative solutions.


Managing Attorney

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